UltraMIST System

The UltraMIST System employs a non-contact fluid such as saline to deliver low-frequency ultrasound to the treatment site. This technology generates a mist that uses low energy ultrasound to cleanse wounds and facilitate maintenance debridement by removing tissue exudates, fibrin, yellow slough, and bacteria. The UltraMIST System has been administered by healthcare professionals to thousands of patients over the past decade and is supported by extensive clinical evidence. This painless therapy utilizes low-frequency and non-contact ultrasound acoustic waves to promote healing by controlling inflammation, augmenting local tissue perfusion, reducing wound bacteria and bacterial biofilms, increasing angiogenesis, and more.

Why the UltraMIST System?

Relevant Conditions

All Typical and Atypical Nonhealing Wounds* Including but Not Limited to:

  • Diabetic Foot Ulcers
  • Pressure Ulcers
  • Venous Leg Ulcers
  • Deep Tissue Pressure Injuries
  • Surgical Wounds

*Exceptions: Cancerous lesions, over-pregnant uterus, over-implanted device

UltraMIST System Benefits

The UltraMIST System provides significant wound healing benefits by activating the body’s natural regeneration process. It accomplishes this by reducing bacterial overgrowth and biofilms, controlling inflammation, promoting vasodilation, and accelerating angiogenesis. Clinical evidence from a meta-analysis of cases involving various types of ulcers, including diabetic foot, ischemic, neuropathic, venous, multifactorial, pressure, surgical, and traumatic ulcers, demonstrated a significant increase in the rate of wound closure from 24% with standard care to 42% with UltraMIST therapy over a 12-week period.

Additionally, incorporating other standard or advanced wound therapies in between UltraMIST treatments can further accelerate wound healing, depending on the discretion of the wound care professional. This results in faster relief and an improved quality of life for patients, while reducing the need for costly and ineffective treatments. Overall, the UltraMIST System provides a financially viable solution for patients, providers, and the healthcare system as a whole.

Regenerating the body for optimal performance.

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